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Unique photobooth features to satisfy your clients

Buy a Photo Booth Kiosk and Help Clients create unforgettable memories.

Green Screens

Add a fun backdrop to photos with green screens. Have your guests pose in front of the Eiffel Tower, at a fancy awards show, and many more.

Skin Smooth Filters

Beauty filters making your skin smooth and make you looking much better and younger. Usually, photos are B&W, but can be Color as well.


Animated GIFs are now more popular than ever. Give your guests the choice of uploading a still photo or an Animated GIF.

Mirror Booth

Convert the selfie booth into a magic mirror in minutes. Simply replace the perspex cover with our bespoke two way mirror.


Print from small 2×6 to large 6×8 prints in less than 8 seconds. Let your customers keep the memories they can cherish forever.

Social Sharing

Unlimited Texts and Emails sharing. Post pictures on social media like
Facebook, Twitter and etc.

Reasons to purchase a photo booth

Our mobile photo booths are easiest-to-use and comes with exceptional features. Check out the video for more details.

No tools required for set up

Not required to set up printer or flash separately

Fits in almost any car

Easy to transport

We provide full support you need to be successful

We Assist You With The Best Features To Capture The Moment With a selfie photo booth,
our aim is to help you relive your memories. Choose from a variety of well equipped photo booths that come with the latest features.

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How much does a photobooth cost?

The cost of a photobooth varies depending on the type and features you choose.

What types of photobooths do you offer for sale?

We offer the best SelfieBooth Photobooths and Mirror Photobooths on the market, portable units that can be set up at any event type and location. Our photo booth machine for sale is interactive and features touchscreen technology, a high-quality camera for studio-quality pictures, beauty filters, and more.

What are the dimensions and weight of the Photobooth Equipment?

The dimensions of the photobooth are D:13″, W: 22″, H:36″. The weight altogether when shipped will be 90 lbs, during your transportation to events you can remove the printer and other items so it’ll cut down the weight into segments, making it easier and convenient.

What tools or props will be provided with the Photobooth Equipment?

When looking for a photo booth equipment for sale, make sure it typically comes with a variety of tools and props to improve the photo-taking experience and create fun and entertaining memories. We provide a slip-on cover for protection, and depending on the package you receive, you can also purchase backdrops such as our Marble or Green Screen Accessory.

Do you offer any warranties on your photobooths when purchased?

Yes, we offer a warranty on all of our photobooths for all software, hardware, and shipping for the 1st year. If you’d like extended warranty please feel free to contact us for specific terms.

Is there any type of Payment Plan or financing options?

Yes, we offer financing and payment plans for those who need it. We offer financing and payment plans after the initial down payment with 0% interest and NO credit check. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Do I need an additional printer with the photobooth?

No, our photobooths come with a printer making it an All-In-1 option so you have everything you need.

Can I customize the branding or appearance of the photobooth?

Yes, we offer custom branding and appearance options for our photobooths. Contact us for more information.

Do you offer any technical support for your photobooths?

Yes, we offer technical support for all of our photobooths. Contact us for more information.

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