10 Tips To Boost Your Photo Booth Business

10 Tips To Boost Your Photo Booth Business

Here at Selfie Booth Co, we know the selfie photo booth biz inside and out! If you are looking to start a photo booth business or boost your current business, look no further – we have created this list of 10 tips to boost your income and reach potential customers.

1. Optimize your website

Ensure that potential clients can find you easily by making your site SEO-friendly. Having a website with a simple, professional design and interface will make a great initial impression and mean that customers can easily book one of your booths.

2. Use social media marketing

Having a solid marketing strategy for your photobooths across various platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, will help you stand out from the crowd and reach more potential clients. Post engaging, fun content, and reach out to local businesses and event spaces.

3. Go to events and network

Establishing and fostering good connections with people in various industries is invaluable and could mean perks for you, such as personal recommendations and discounts on supplies. For example, a wedding planner could recommend your booths to their clients. Remember to take along your business cards.

4. Offer great customer service

This might seem obvious, but offering amazing service to your customers (always being on time, being flexible and accommodating, etc.) and going above and beyond will mean great testimonials and ‘word of mouth’ marketing for your business.

5. Offer customized branding on your selfie photo booth

Giving businesses the chance to market themselves on your booth will attract corporate clients who are looking to promote themselves.

6. Compare costs and earnings

Don’t just consider making photo booth purchase but factor in running costs and how much you are going to spend on supplies and props. You should ensure that you keep some profit aside so that you can expand your business by buying a second booth, therefore, doubling your income!

7. Ensure your booths have a simple and sleek design

When you are choosing the design of your booth, look for a portable and compact style. This means that it will be easier to transport and set up and less time consuming, making life simple for both you and your customers.

8. Include popular features and add-ons

Ensuring that you have the most up to date and trending features such as GIFs, green screen, and high-quality photos and prints will mean you’ll stand out from the competition. You could also consider the addition of things like onsite attendants and scrapbooks.

9. Use your prints as advertising

Adding your logo on photos and props will keep you fresh in clients’ minds and could even mean referrals and repeat customers.

10. Cater to different events

The type of package a wedding party will want will be different from a corporate client. Offering various packages with additions like customizable props and backdrops will mean you reach a much wider customer base.

We hope these tips have been helpful, and we wish you luck in your future photo booth endeavors!

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