Buying Mirror Booth? Here's A Complete Checklist Of Features

Buying Mirror Booth? Here's A Complete Checklist Of Features

Buying a mirror booth can be a long and difficult process, especially with so many options on the market. As mirror selfie booths get more and more popular, there are more selfie booths to choose from when shopping. If you’re an event planner, purchasing a very high-quality mirror booth with tons of special features is of utmost importance. Having high-quality amenities shows your clients professionalism and a well-run business. 

In order to make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck, you should make sure that the selfie mirror photo booth you purchase comes with lots of features to up the fun of your events. If you’re curious what features to look for and how they’ll benefit users of the selfie booth, keep reading. Plus, we’ll give you our top recommendation on where to buy a mirror booth.

Full Mirror

If you do purchase a selfie booth, you should make sure you purchase a “mirror selfie booth.” What this means is that the photo booth comes with a mirrored screen. The mirrored screen helps users see themselves when taking photos, which allows for a super fun photo booth experience.

Mirror booths are not a necessity when purchasing photo booths, but they definitely add to the fun of using a photo booth. Plus, they’re super trendy and look sleek and professional.

Lighting System

No one wants to take photos in a photo booth with poor lighting. Photo booths with insufficient lighting result in unflattering photos that guests may just not like. That’s why it’s super important that the mirror booth you purchase comes with a lighting system.

For some selfie booths, you may have to purchase ring lights separately to ensure that the photos are properly lit. Luckily, mirror booths from Buy Selfie Booth come with a high-tech lighting system that ensures each and every photo turns out gorgeous.


Filters are another important feature in a mirror booth that may be overlooked; however, having filters built-in to the mirror booth system is pretty much a necessity. When guests see a selfie mirror booth, they will likely expect that the booth comes with a black and white skin-smoothing feature due to the prominence of these types of photos from influencers on social media.

Ensure that the selfie mirror booth you choose comes with a variety of filters so you can meet your guests’ expectations and create flattering and beautiful-looking photos every time.

Touch Screen

A mirror booth with a touch screen is an absolute necessity. Using buttons to navigate a photo booth interface is clunky, unintuitive, and just plain confusing. The mirror booth you purchase should be completely controlled by a touch screen. A touch screen interface makes for a fun and simple user experience for every guest that uses the mirror booth.

WiFi Capabilities

The mirror booth you purchase should also come with WiFi capabilities. In addition to physical copies of photos, some mirror booths offer digital uploads of photos or folders of photos. Your photo booth should be able to connect to WiFi to upload those photos to the cloud or to social media.

When shopping for a selfie mirror booth, ensure you purchase one with WiFi capabilities, so you can impress your guests with social media uploads and digital photo albums following events.

Need to Buy Mirror Photo Booth With These Features and More?

When shopping for a mirror photo booth, it can be hard to know exactly what to look for in the perfect option. We recommend finding a photo booth that has a full mirror, a built-in lighting system, flattering filters, a sleek touch screen, and WiFi capabilities for digital photo upload.

If you find a photo booth with all of the features we’ve discussed, it’s likely a great pic for you. But luckily, you don’t have to do much more research because Buy Selfie Booth offers a selfie mirror booth with all of these incredible features. Buy a mirror photo booth from Buy Selfie Booth today for the utmost quality and fantastic features.

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