Is Photo Booth Business A Good Side Hustle?

Is Photo Booth Business A Good Side Hustle?

Photo booths are popular at weddings, expositions, nightclubs, and other venues where people like to socialize and celebrate. The ability to take a fun selfie with friends appeals to people of all ages.

This article looks at the question of whether a photo booth’s cost is a worthwhile investment capable of providing you with a good source of income. Read on to see if this is right for you and, if so, where you can find your very own photo booth.

Photo booths make your event memorable, whether it is a rented booth for a one-time-only occasion or one you bought to use at future events. The ability to print the photos right then and there provides instant keepsakes that guests are willing to buy.

What is a photo booth?

Photo booths are a self-contained cameras and printing facility. Many models allow the user to choose the size of prints created from their selfies. Many businesses who rent photo booths also provide props, such as silly glasses and wigs, so users can create a fun, lasting memory of the event they are attending.

Can I earn a side income with a photo booth?

Whether you are an individual wishing to set up a business renting photo booths for events or a venue that wants a selfie booth as a permanent fixture for customers, it is possible to make a good income from your new purchase.

When you buy a photo booth, be sure to choose the right package for your needs. Many booths come with additional features that also add to purchase cost. While you can charge more to rent these booths if you don’t need the extra features you shouldn’t buy them.

It is possible to buy a mirror photo booth for sale with payments of less than $550 a month and charge $250 to $400 an hour to rent it to a customer for a wedding reception, reunion, or other events.

Assuming you have a steady stream of events renting your booth, you can see how this one photobooth can become very profitable. It can literally pay for itself in one rental.

Where can I buy a Selfie Booth?

One great place to buy a selfie booth is by visiting Buy From Selfie Booth Co. They have a range of packages and booths to consider. Purchases can be made in monthly payments for the buyer’s convenience.

There is a Mirror photo booth that includes many advanced features for your consideration. The mirror option allows your users to be able to see what they will look like before the photo is taken.

With this booth, you can easily generate an hourly income of at least $250!


Photo booths are a popular way of saving memories of special events and occasions – and of special people. Buying a selfie booth and hiring it out to event organizers and venues can be a great side hustle to earn a little extra cash.

Although the price of a booth can be expensive, Buy From Selfie Booth Co. offers monthly payment options to suit your budget. With a real income to be made from renting your booth for a wide variety of events, it is a good investment.

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