Read On The Checklist To Start Photo Booth Business

Read On The Checklist To Start Photo Booth Business

Starting a photo booth business is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs since the business model is fairly simple. In this article, you’ll learn how to start a photo booth business and how to keep customers coming back.

If you’re interested in Starting a Photobooth Business but not quite ready to spend a lot on your startup costs, a great place to start is Selfie Booth Co, a reliable photo booth rental in Orange County. They offer plans for rental and include fun accessories to begin your journey into a new business.

You may think that starting a photo booth business sounds like a daunting task, but in fact, if you’ve always wanted to start a business, then this might be the perfect business for you. You start by buying a photo booth that is within your starting budget. You build up your social media presence to market your services. Then, you might want to consider buying some props as well as fun or custom backdrops for different types of events so that people who attend the event you are working at will be incentivized to use your photo booth.

What To Do After You Buy A Photo Booth

To market your new photo booth business on social media, typically, you would want to market to newly engaged couples who might be looking for photo booth services for their wedding party. Wedding events will most likely be the majority of your business, but you will also want to use creative marketing ideas to promote yourself for bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, quinceaneras, corporate events, or hospitality events, to name a few. A great way to get more customers is to talk with local florists or bakeries who specialize in wedding cakes to help build your network on the off chance that they might recommend you to one of their customers or put your card somewhere in their shop. 

All in all, as long as you have a strong social media presence, work on networking and have a great website, then you will most likely turn a pretty hefty profit. However, the market for photo booth companies is heavily saturated and competitive. So, you’ll need to be consistent with your marketing to stand out against the competition. It is also a good idea to encourage users to tag your company on their social media if they post their photos from your photo booth.

How To Keep Customers Coming Back

When you are first starting out, you will want to charge no less than $100/hour for your photo booth services. Be sure to offer up some nice packages for your customers that lay out what exactly they’ll be getting when they work with you. Offer different backdrops, accessories, or even theme nights. You could also include a package rate that includes multiple-hour options such as 6 hours for a photo booth rental could cost your client $550. As you get more customers, you can increase your rate and add more options to your package deals. 


Photo booths are all the rage at any event right now. Oftentimes, if you offer fun accessories and themed packages, then photo booth users will upload their pictures to their social media pages and connect you to more potential customers through their networks. 

If you’re still looking into starting a photo booth business and unsure if you want to begin your next business venture, we recommend renting a photo booth from Buy Selfie Booth. in Orange County. They have great themed packages for any event as well as a customization feature if you need your logos on their equipment, backdrops, or certain accessories.

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