Purchasing a Portable Photo Booth? Here's a Helpful Guide For You

Purchasing a Portable Photo Booth? Here's a Helpful Guide For You

There are many reasons to invest in a photo booth. Maybe you want to start your own rental service – a promising business to get into since photo booths are all the rage at events these days. Maybe you want one for personal use or as a fun accessory at company events. 

Look no further if you’re searching for a portable photo booth for sale. Selfie Booth Co offers state-of-the-art booths of different types and with different packages so you can get the booth you need at an affordable price.

Buying a selfie booth can be a big purchase, and we’re here to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Before you buy, consider these questions to ensure you make the most out of your selfie booth purchase.  

Make the most of your booth

Photo booth rentals are increasingly popular, so why not save yourself some time and money and purchase one yourself? Whether you’re looking to start your own photo booth company or want one for personal use, these are the important questions to ask before you finalize your purchase. 

When you’re ready to purchase a portable photo booth, we recommend Buy Selfie Booth for all your buying needs. They’re a reliable company offering high-tech booths and accessories with accessible payment plans.

Know your options

Some common types of photo booths are closed booths, open-air, and selfie mirrors, and they all lend themselves well to different uses. A closed booth is where users climb in with their props to take pictures. These were the most common types of booths in the past, so if you want the classic experience, this is the way to go. They’re popular for weddings and proms where users want to use the booth in pairs for a more private experience. But keep in mind that closed booths are larger, so they’re less portable.

Open-air booths have an external camera and a separate backdrop. This type works well for group photos because more people can crowd in front of the background as compared to a closed booth. Finally, selfie mirrors are less about group photos and more about getting that perfect selfie. These setups prioritize social media sharing, usually sending photos digitally rather than printing physical copies. If you are looking for a portable booth for personal use, a selfie mirror is a good option.

Ask about packages and plans

To make the most of a selfie booth, you will likely want more than just the camera. For example, you might want a find backdrops, a photo printer, protective cases for equipment, etc. Be sure to ask the companies you are considering what add-ons they offer in addition to the photo-taking equipment. 

You should also ask about payment plans. Selfie booths can be expensive, and particularly if you’re looking to start your rental business, you might not want to wait to start using the booth. With payment plans, you can make a down-payment and then pay off the rest as you grow your business. 

Explore advanced features

Once you know what booth and accessories you need, take some time to consider the advanced features that will really give your booth a boost. Green screen technology is a big one, allowing you to project virtual backgrounds instead of using physical backdrops. Some software even allows for airbrushing or decorations so users can add stickers or animations. Another cool option is 360 VR setups that put users into a fully virtual world to interact with. Depending what you plan to do with your booth, these types of technologies can make for an even more exciting experience. 


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