Photo Booth Props And Themes For Your Event

Photo Booth Props And Themes For Your Event

You have decided to purchase a photo booth and star your own photo booth business! You are able to bring a source of joy to your clients at their events. Because of you, they have fun, awesome pictures that they can treasure forever to remember what a great time they had.

Now, the next question is: how do you continue to make yourself stand out and deliver a great product to your clients? What else can you do to make renting a photo booth stand out for you above anyone else in the business?

Themes and How to Work with Them

Themes are common for events in today’s day and age. For the event planner, it makes everything that much easier to have a theme when it comes to planning the details for the event. The theme is likely something that was chosen towards the event’s inception. By the time they come to you to rent your photo booth, the theme is already something they have in their mind.

How does a theme affect an event? The planner will choose food, drinks, deserts, and décor based on it. This is important to know as a person with a photo booth because you can plan ahead. With the ability to put a logo or decoration on the side of the photo booth, you may want to get something to match the theme. In addition, you can make the film strip have something printed on it theme related, or have appropriate backdrops to match. Let’s discuss some of the most common themes used:

For a Bridal Shower:

  1. Tea time
  2. Anything beach or summer related (beach bonanza, nautical affair)
  3. TV show-based themes (Friends, The Office)
  4. Paris romance
  5. 1920’s
  6. Disney

For a Corporate Party:

  1. Anniversary year based
  2. Winter holiday party
  3. Sock hop/rockabilly
  4. White party
  5. Hollywood gala
  6. Masquerade

For a Birthday Party:

  1. Decade themed (50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s)
  2. Country
  3. Black and white party or ball
  4. Holiday-themed (Halloween, Independence Day)
  5. Sports themed

So, how do photo booth props help?

Having the best photo booth props are another way that you can add to the theme, or in general, make renting a photo booth from you more fun and unique. Photo booth props give an extra layer of fun to the guests. When they get to the photo booth to take their pictures, they are presented with various options to make everything silly. They can add a hat or a mustache and make the photo even more memorable. For this reason, we think photo booth props are a great idea. Having props gives you something extra to present to your clients. It gives them another reason to choose your photo booth business to rent from for their event. These props are easy to purchase at party stores such as Party City or online through portals such as Amazon and Etsy. Props is something you may want to build over time based on your clientele, or you can have some ready to start off with. Here are some of our favorite photo booth props that we have seen with rentals that you should consider purchasing:

  1. Mustaches
  2. Frames
  3. Silly glasses
  4. Feather boas
  5. Different types of ears (such as reindeer, hearts, and animal ears)
  6. Frames
  7. Signs – these signs vary but always have fun phrases on them. For example, at weddings there can be signs that have phrases such as, “Party Queen,” “Bride,” “Thanks for the Food,” “Here for the cake,” and “Single and Available.” At a holiday party, the sign may say something such as, “I love my team” or “All work and play.” There are so many options for signs for the guests to hold, and they have the ability to interact with anyone else they are taking the photo with and hold complementary signage.
  8. Crowns
  9. Ties

Are photo booth props worth it?

SelfieBooth thinks photo booth props are definitely worth investing in and having for your rental services. They make the photos more interesting and give the guests plenty of options when they are posing. We have seen guests continue to go back to try out different props throughout the night. Photo booth props make taking photos throughout the night a new experience every time, since you can change what you look like. For you, as a business owner, it gives an added benefit for customers to choose you. Knowing that guests will enjoy the photo booth rental more is something that you can use to market yourself, and it will help your business thrive.

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