What Other Facilities Can Be Provided To Clients Along With A Portable Photobooth?

What Other Facilities Can Be Provided To Clients Along With A Portable Photobooth?

A photo booth is a perfect activity to spice up anything from a wedding to a team-building event. But it can be overwhelming to choose the right technology, packages, and add-ons with so many options out there. 

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Photo booths bring event attendees closer together and make any event memorable. If you’re considering a photo booth for your next event, there are some things to keep in mind that will make the experience even better. Read on to explore what other facilities you can provide along with a portable photo booth. 

Bring your photo booth to the next level

Customs props and themes

The first thing to consider adding to any photo booth purchase is props. Most companies will provide different themes and packages for different events. For example, since weddings are such a commonplace to use a photo booth, a lot of companies provide specific wedding packages with props to make everybody feel the love. Similarly, if you’re renting your booth for a corporate event, you may want to consider branding packages. You may be able to put your business logo on the equipment, the backdrops, and props, or print it on the bottom of the photos.

Green screen technology 

Another way to improve your photo booth facilities is with green screens. Many software offer the ability for guests to choose virtual backgrounds and experiment with other fun green screen tech. This might involve features like slow motion or GIF animation, which is not possible with a traditional setup. This is also another thing to consider when investigating branding packages. If you are hosting a professional event or marketing your business, using green screens instead of physical backdrops allows you to put your logo in the pictures, which can be great for promotion.

Virtual reality

VR is one of the newest additions to photo booth technology. Some companies provide a 3D, 360 degrees environment that inserts users into a virtual world. VR headsets let them see the world around them so they can interact with it, and the footage is delivered digitally so it can go straight onto social media feeds. Some setups allow for virtual art as well, where users can “draw” on the space with lights, stickers, etc., and viewers can see the designs appear on monitors in real-time. 

Selfie mirror 

A final facility to consider in addition to (or instead of) a traditional booth is a selfie photo booth. This is a great option if you want to prioritize photo sharing rather than printing. A selfie mirror can be either the photo booth itself or an add-on. Some mirror “booths” are very small, closer to the size of an Ipad than a traditional booth. Others are a touch screen mirror layer placed overtop the regular equipment. Selfie mirrors usually have advanced software to customize and send photos rather than a standing camera and printer. And any selfie mirror should provide the option to share photos across all social media platforms. 


Gone are the days when a photo booth was a big, cumbersome box with a few props. Photo booths have come a long way, and there are a lot of additional facilities and functions you can provide to give your clients the best experience possible. 

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Have you recently bought or rented a photo booth? Do you have thoughts on add-ons to maximize the experience? Leave a question or comment, and let us know. Don’t forget to like and share!

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